Camping Gradina

Camping Gradina is one of the oldest and most famous campsites in Bulgaria. Here 4 generations create unforgettable summer memories, far from the city stress and hectic everyday life - in harmony with nature and the sea.

The garden is located only 30 km from Bourgas, in the bay between the picturesque Chernomorets and the ancient Sozopol. Arrival is usual - during the road Burgas - Primorsko.
Here you will find what accommodation for your own caravans, as well as modern, fully equipped bungalows, you need for a long stay by the sea.



The complete calm of our guests is important to us, so the campsite is provided with security 24/7 by the municipal police, the alleys are illuminated and are under constant video surveillance. There is an access regime, and entry by car is not allowed during the night - between 22:00 and 08:00.

There are restaurants, a grocery store, a snack bar and an ATM. Sports enthusiasts can make use of the dedicated beach volleyball courts and beach fitness facilities. The natural features of the campsite provide perfect opportunities for jet skiing, windsurfing and kitesurfing for advanced as well as other water activities.

There are no noisy restaurants and nightclubs on the campsite. This makes it an extremely suitable place for a secluded and peaceful holiday with loved ones.
Even people who have never camped will feel comfortable here, thanks to the excellent conditions. Try it for yourself!


Today, Camping Gradina has a completely new and modern look, but still retains its strong connection with the sea and nature.
The improvements in the material base and infrastructure are tangible.
The desire to turn Gradina into a top-class campsite is evident from its entrance. Beautiful and modern, the reception building was completely renovated in 2017.
The bathrooms were also completely renovated in 2018. Access to them is with a chip only for the guests of the campsite. They are cleaned and disinfected several times a day.

Camping Gradina managed to preserve its appearance and image as a leading place for summer vacation in Bulgaria for many years. It is the only one of the old campsites, which, in addition to surviving, continues to develop and establish its position as the best place for camping. The combination of location, natural resources and accommodation conditions make it sought after by generations of Bulgarians and foreigners.

Camping Gradina is an annual favorite in the category "Favorite camping on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast" in the ranking of #BestBGcamp, and in 2019 is one of the three most popular vacation spots for tourists.

Get to the campsite within seconds and explore our stylish bungalows from inside